Are you a "Christian" seeking "God" and have questions that are not being answered in your church, your bible studies, or in your own personal study?

Maybe you are an "Awakened Hebrew Israelite", but most of the content on the internet conflicts with the direction that YAH is leading you?

Or perhaps, you do not identify as a Christian or an Israelite. Maybe you are just soul searching and simply seeking TRUTH?

Whatever your story is, YOU are welcomed here on MyHebrewJourney.com.

No matter your circumstance, you can click the link below to start your research journey, and begin to find the answers to some of the hardest questions you may have about "God" that just aren't getting answered for you.


Not sure about starting your Hebrew Journey just yet?

Or maybe you have already started your Hebrew Journey and now you are just simply looking for resources to help you along The Way?

We are constantly updating our website to connect you with whatever services or products that would prove to be the most useful to you on your Hebrew Journey.

Here is a list of resources you can find on our site.

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  • Listen to the Kingdom of YAH Over Culture Podcast

    • Deep Dive Bible Studies

    • Current Events and More

  • Connect with other Hebrew Israelites

  • Watch Hebrew Israelite Content

  • Online Interlinear Bible and Concordance

  • Historical Evidence and Research Data

  • Directory of Small Businesses and Services

      • Loctitians, Barbers, Seamstresses, Tailors, Farmers, Bakers, Cattle Ranchers, Florists, Midwives, Tutors, Homeschool Groups, etc.

      • *Coming Soon

  • Recipes

    • *Coming Soon

  • Supply Market

    • Hebrew Israelite Owned stores, kente cloth, hair products, home decor, event decor, etc.

    • Coming Soon

  • Legal Resources

    • Coming Soon

  • Home Birth Resources

    • Coming Soon

    • We are looking for set apart volunteers to create content for MyHebrewJourney.com!!!

    • If you are a subject matter expert in a specific aspect of life, this would be a great opportunity to contribute to the Hebrew community!

    • Also, if you have your own website or blog with helpful information and resources please email us and let us know, so that we can list you as a resource to the Hebrew Community on our site.